Wednesday, February 14, 2007

JIOT Hearts AP

Why? Because they showed us some major love in their latest issue by featuring this little lovely

MIArose Ring, $32.95

in their V-day Gift Guide!

Page 97 to be exact, in the March 07 issue of Alternative Press is where you’ll find heart-breaking goodies from not only yours truly, but other cool shops like dejarnette new orleans, Karmaloop, Pretti Vacant, PNUT Jewelry and many more. So do yourself a favor – enough of all that “trying to find that special someone the perfect gift” mumbo jumbo – and grab a copy of AP. Read up on the latest in the music world, laugh out loud at the hilarity in the article on the cast of Reno911! and then flip through the gift guide and find yourself something pretty.

Monday, February 12, 2007

J.Lynne Cosmetics

At the inception of this blog, we told ya that’d we’d be giving some shout outs to our friends in business every once in a while. Well, a couple of them are doing some fun things that we thought we’d share with you. What can we say? We’re givers!

Today, we introduce you to J.Lynne Cosmetics!

J.Lynne Cosmetics is a 3 year old, 100% natural cosmetics company. That’s right, 100%! No chemicals, synthetics or fillers are in these products so they are ideal for every skin type. I personally have not yet had the pleasure of trying the J. Lynne cosmetic line but judging by the 4 pages of testimonials, my guess is there’s a great product here. Head on over to J.Lynne Cosmetics website and see for yourself. While you’re there, be sure to visit the page dedicated to their 2nd annual Anniversary Sweepstakes. To celebrate going into their 3rd year in business, they are inviting you to sign up to win one of 10 prize packages worth a combined retail value of over $1000.00!! The entry form, details, and official rules can be found here. And, for a little extra inspiration, here’s a picture of the Grand Prize Package…

Friday, February 09, 2007

15% off ju-be jewelry

New designs from the ever-popular ju-be jewelry line should be hitting our shelves soon, so in the meantime all remaining pieces currently on the site are 15% off! That doesn’t mean though that the current items are any less fabulous or season appropriate! For instance…

The weather today is looking anything other than Spring-y, but anyone that’s been shopping lately or reading their favorite fashion mag knows that the season is practically here and wardrobes need to be planned accordingly! Spring 3-Ring Circus Dangles may be just the accessory you were looking for to complete that new outfit that you’re counting the days till you can wear.

Spring 3-Ring Circus Dangles, $29.75 (orig. $35)

Or if you aren’t quite there yet - maybe still dressed in your winter neutrals but need a little burst of color – the Lime Link Bracelet or Blue Triple Glass Dangles may be the choice for you.

Lime Link Bracelet, $34 (orig. $40)

Blue Glass Triple Drops, $34 (orig. $40)

Whatever your fashion/accessory “sitch” may be, we’ve probably got the solution. So visit ju-be’s and/or our Specials section and pick your steal!