Monday, February 12, 2007

J.Lynne Cosmetics

At the inception of this blog, we told ya that’d we’d be giving some shout outs to our friends in business every once in a while. Well, a couple of them are doing some fun things that we thought we’d share with you. What can we say? We’re givers!

Today, we introduce you to J.Lynne Cosmetics!

J.Lynne Cosmetics is a 3 year old, 100% natural cosmetics company. That’s right, 100%! No chemicals, synthetics or fillers are in these products so they are ideal for every skin type. I personally have not yet had the pleasure of trying the J. Lynne cosmetic line but judging by the 4 pages of testimonials, my guess is there’s a great product here. Head on over to J.Lynne Cosmetics website and see for yourself. While you’re there, be sure to visit the page dedicated to their 2nd annual Anniversary Sweepstakes. To celebrate going into their 3rd year in business, they are inviting you to sign up to win one of 10 prize packages worth a combined retail value of over $1000.00!! The entry form, details, and official rules can be found here. And, for a little extra inspiration, here’s a picture of the Grand Prize Package…