Thursday, August 02, 2007

Latest Markdowns

If you’re one of our newsletter subscribers then you already heard the news about the entire line of Moral Fervor shirts being knocked down 40%! That’s right, I did not stutter, almost HALF off!

Fall is fast approaching but summer is still here so ladies, stay cool in an Electronic Waste Tank, Now $22.80 (Orig. $38).

Or if you never quite got the ol’ arms toned and tanned to your liking this summer, we’ve still got you covered with the cool and comfortable Yellow 3-Button Tee, Now $25.20 (Orig. $42).

Or the luxurious Earth Month Tee, Now $43.20 (Orig. $72).

And so that the fellas don’t go getting all pouty on us about being left out, we’ve got plenty of coolness for them too!

Electronic Waste Muscle Tee, Now $19.20 (Orig. $32)

Electronic Waste Tee, Now $22.80 (Orig. $38)

View all other Moral Fervor shirts here at Junk In Our Trunk.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 find and be found

This weekend we received a nice surprise in the way of an email from Vanessa & Rakel of “Findy” telling us that we had been featured on their new blog. Thanks gals!!

Findy (pronounced fin-dee) was started by Vaness and Rakel out of their mutual desire to showcase amazing talent and become famous.”

They seem to have the showcasing amazing talent down already because well, they found us right?!? ;) So let’s help them out with that becoming famous part. Visit Findy, have a look around, bookmark it, sign up for their newsletter and then go tell all of your friends to do the same!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

40% OFF ju-be jewelry

A sad occasion for us ;( means great savings for you ;)!

ju-be jewelry has been with us since almost the very beginning and it’s been a great run but apparently all great things must come to an end. We’re hoping Judi will visit us again in the future but for now, help us give her a proper farewell by purchasing one of her beautiful pieces before it’s gone forever! ju-be jewelry has always been not only high quality but affordable to boot and now marked down 40% it’s practically being given away. Favorites are already being snatched up so get yours now!

Kiwi & Lime Dangles, $20.40 (Orig. $34)

Mini Teal Twists, $12.00 (Orig. $20)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vote for us! (pretty please)

Junk In Our Trunk is one of 10 finalists in the "Marketplace Listing contest" over at StartupNation!

We are the "Jewelry, Bath & Body Products" listing.

Click here to vote!

Need a little incentive? There’s something in it for you too! That’s right, there will be TWO $500 Winners !!

•The listing with the most votes wins one of the $500 prizes.
•A randomly selected voter/commenter wins the second $500 prize
**The $500 can be used for any StartupNation Marketplace listing – winner’s choice!**

The polls will close at 5pm ET on Friday May 4 so hurry up and get your vote in and don’t forget to post a comment after you vote in order to qualify for a chance to win that second $500 prize!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with StartupNation:

In their own words “StartupNation is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.” An “all-in-one resource to read up, meet up, start up and rev up your own success!”

In my own words, “a gold mine of a resource for businesses of all kinds!”

So, even if you aren’t yet that “e” word, once you’ve had a look around, you just might be inspired to become one. Then you can come back here and thank me for tipping you off to this gold mine…

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MIA Design Markdowns

MIA Design is yet another Junk In Our Trunk customer favorite so you will be glad to hear that every piece, from the colorful beadwork (perfect spring/summer accessories) to the beautifully hand-sculpted acrylic rings, has been marked down! This is a win, win situation for us all because you’ll be getting a great deal on your favorite piece while helping us make room for new designs. So visit MIA Design’s section at Junk In Our Trunk now!

MIAbead Ring, $17.50 (Orig. $19.90)

MIAcandy Earrings, $24.50 (Orig. $27.90)

MIApetal Ring, $26.50 (Orig. $29.95)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New 2-mile Pendants

2-mile pendants continue to be a Junk In Our Trunk customer favorite and the most recent shipment that we received is sure to continue to please. Butterflies and flowers dominate in this latest collection which makes me think that Viki had spring in mind as she was hand crafting the little lovelies. Though each resin pendant comes with a 16” wire chain, their simple and versatile design will work with your favorite pendant-friendly necklace, ribbon or leather cord just as well. Visit 2-mile’s section at Junk In Our Trunk, pick your favorite pendant and then add your own touch!

Butterfly Pendant, $25

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New KLEAN scrubs!

Summer is just around the corner which means whether we like it or not we are all going to be baring a lot more flesh real soon. Is yours ready to be bared? Didn’t think so. JIOT + KLEAN to the rescue!

The lovely Jennifer (aka the “Sugar Scrub Queen”) was a vendor at an event I recently attended so I had the pleasure of smelling many of the delicious summer scents she’s concocted. Lucky for you she let me bring several back with me for our shelves and your buying pleasure! Colada, Tart Apple and Zen Tea will help put you and your skin in the summer mood and while Brown Sugar and Very Vanilla may be less summery, they’re still too delicious to pass up. With these new additions we now have 9 different scents in stock, all at the very gifty price of $9.50 each. Don’t just buy for yourself, pick one up for a friend too and share your love for all things KLEAN.

Shop KLEAN Bath & Body Products at Junk In Our Trunk.