Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Junk!

At the start of this blog, there were high hopes of daily postings…HA! Well that’s still a goal but in the meantime, the fact that we’ve been missing in action for over a week now is somewhat of a good thing. Lots going on… Most of it is top secret right now but until then we’ve got more “new junk” on the site for your buying pleasure!

First up, a fresh batch of goodies from Spongy Feet! Sara (the genius behind Spongy Feet) has been selling her fabulous baby goods with us for some time now and there’s a reason for that. You love it and we love it, it’s as simple as that. Her burp cloths and blankets are the bee’s knees, and now to add to that excellence we’re also carrying her bibs! Sara sets her collection apart by using unique vintage and retro inspired fabrics. She then backs each item with sumptuous chenille to create not only adorable but functional items as well. I could obviously go on and on but why don’t you just see for yourself.

English Garden Bib, $12

Morning Mocha Circle Burp Cloth Set, $20

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got a fabulously fun new designer to announce!! A warm welcome to Katharine of WHiRR products! Katharine’s love for the robot race is not only evident in her illustrations but it’s infectious as well. Boris, her muse, has a little something to do with that. I mean come on…who doesn’t love (or maybe even aspire to be) a retired, martini-loving robot that’s living his life out in leisure?? Normally I'd be jealous but I'm sure Boris deserves it. ;) For a glimpse into Katharine’s whimsical take on the never ending adventures of Boris, visit WhiRR’s product page here.

Hug A Robot Pin, $1.25

Robot Love Notecards, $8.00